Bruno (2009): Second Stage Gay Converter


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The clip second stage gay converter from Bruno (2009)

Reverend BJ found me too much of a handful
and put me in touch with one of his chums.
You look decent in that.
Look like a straight guy, how's that?
Women are good for us.
They're good even though
they appear to us to be terribly conventional.
And we find that somewhat irritating
that they complain so much.
But we need that.
We need many of the things
that, at first glance, are annoying and irritating.
And women often don't stick to the point.
They're often talking about one thing and then another and then another,
and they never get back to the first point maybe ever.
I am repulsed by the idea of making the sex with a woman.
The important thing is to be around women,
somewhat, that you find tolerable or interesting
and give them a chance to seduce you.

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