Bruno (2009): with Gay Converter


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The clip with gay converter from Bruno (2009)

Things have got to change. I want to become straight.
Once I'm straight,
can I still play the clarinet?
If it doesn't remind you about some of the behaviour
that you engaged in when you put your lips around it.
If it doesn't remind you of that, then I say go for it
and play the clarinet with everything inside of you.
If it does remind you of that, then I say put it down,
give it away, let a friend hold it until you know in your mind
you're ready to pick it up again and it wouldn't remind you of that.
Und what about if I put a flute up my stinker?
That... I wouldn't do that either because it would remind you of the former lifestyle.
So you don't put any woodwind instruments up your Arschwitz.
Absolutely not. You know why?
Because that would harm my body. That would hurt...
Only if you lose the reed.
Well, that would... That would be bad.
Is there any music that I shouldn't listen to? Any bands?
Sinead O'Connor. The Indigo Girls.
Of course, the Village People.
When I become straight, you know, a Kuntmeister,
are there any new hobbies that I should take up?
Do you enjoy hiking? Lifting weights?
Man, there's nothing like just working out
and lifting weights and building your muscles
around some other men who are not gay.

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