Bruno (2009): Bruno Talks of Diesel


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The clip Bruno talks of Diesel from Bruno (2009)

Being the host from Funkyzeit
means Bruno's always seated on the front row.
Hi. How are you?
You have to lose some weight.
The kettle is calling the pot black.
Put your shoulders back. This is a fashion show, not a slave auction.
Mein personal assistant, Kookus, is my rock.
He's also mein stylist.
Do you think the glasses are too much?
Yeah, I'd lose them.
They're too much like, "Look at me.
"Hey, everybody, look at me. Look at my glasses. "
"Everybody, like, stare at my glasses. "
He's also my nutritionist.
Yeah, that is good.
I have a second assistant, but ich can't remember its name.
Bruno has known true love twice in his life.
Once, for 7 minutes with Milli from Milli und Vanilli. No big deal. Whatever.
But for the last 9 years, ich have been head uber heels in love
mit a pygmy flight attendant called Diesel.

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