Repo Man (1984): What's In The Trunk


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The clip What's In The Trunk from Repo Man (1984)

The President admitted US planes have...
napalmed refugee camps in southern Mexico.
He explained that these camps were, in fact, guerrilla bases.
In strife-torn Guatemala, shots were fired at the US Embassy.
Government troops retaliated and killed 50...
Helping Hand Acceptance Corporation, Marlene speaking.
Hello, is Otto there?
It's for you, a girl.
Yeah. Hi Otto, it's Leila.
Leila who?
I can't believe I used to like these guys.
Listen to me.
For the sake of this and future generations...
you must tell us everything you know.
Yeah, sure. I need another drink.
Otto, these aliens aren't on ice or anything.
They could be starting to decay.
We've got to find them before they turn into mush.
Well, well, well, if it ain't the repo man.
You look like shit, you wanker!
Duke, Debbi, Archie...
I'd like you to meet Leila and her weird friend.
How you doing, asshole?
How come you don't hang out with your friends no more?
What friends?
Want some beaut, dude? Duke!
I really love you, man.
You're my best friend because you always...
fucking came to see me while I was in juvie.
I was busy, man. I told you, I was working.
Look, a metal hand. Cool.

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