Repo Man (1984): Beating Up Mr. Humphries


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The clip Beating Up Mr. Humphries from Repo Man (1984) with Tracey Walter

What's going on?
The usual.
Come on, Miller. Hi, Marlene. How you doing, baby?
Jesus, who done that to you, son?
Who done what?
"Who done what," he says. You wanna talk about guts?
What'd you do with your face, kid?
Just some dude, it doesn't matter. Yes, it does.
Why don't you do something, Plettschner?
Aren't you a cop or something?
Marlene, I'm on my coffee break.
Repo man don't go running to the Man, Marlene. Repo man goes it alone.
Yes, sirree, Bob. Just like John Wayne.
Damn right, just like John Wayne. What's wrong with that?
Greatest American that ever lived.
John Wayne was a fag. What did you say, Miller?
John Wayne was a fag. The hell he was!
He was, too, you boys.
I installed two-way mirrors in his pad in Brentwood.
And he come to the door in a dress.
You're fucking nuts.
That doesn't mean he was a homo, Miller.
A lot of straight guys like to watch their buddies fuck.
Know I do. Yeah?
Don't you?
Damn straight, I do.
Fuck John Wayne, man! Tell us his name, you little pussy.
Piss off, asshole.
You bastards!
Take it easy.
Come on, easy, man. The guy's head is hurt.
You're taking this too personal, son.
The thing is, a repo man got beat up in the line of duty.
It doesn't matter that that man was you.
What really matters is that the guy that did it has got to pay the price.

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