Repo Man (1984): Radiating Car


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The clip Radiating Car from Repo Man (1984) with Emilio Estevez, Harry Dean Stanton

Later. Bye-bye.
Here's another weird one.
Reports are coming in of an apparent hail of ice cubes south of downtown.
Scientists are at a loss to explain the freak showers of tiny cubes of ice.
Some weird fucking shit, eh, Bud?
What's going on?
Eleven years of repoing cars, and what have I got?
Bud, listen to me.
You're sitting in a car worth $20,000.
Look, we turn it in, we take the money, we'll split it 60%-40%, you and me.
Who gets the 60%, kid?
Well, I don't know. I figured, since I found the car first that...
you'd get it.
Get away from the car. This is your only warning.
We got problems, man.
No, wait! Stop fucking around, man!
Only an asshole gets killed over a car!

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