Repo Man (1984): Basics of Repo Men Part 2


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The clip Basics of Repo Men Part 2 from Repo Man (1984) with Harry Dean Stanton, Emilio Estevez

We're sending Bibles to El Salvador.
Well, what about me?
You're on the honor roll of the Chariots of Fire.
Same as us, Otto.
It was a gift from all of us, jointly.
So how much do I get paid, $25 a car?
Paid? You don't get paid.
You kidding? You work on commission. That's better than being paid.
Most cars you rip are worth $200 or $300.
$50,000 Porsche might make you $5,000.
Come on, dickhead.
It helps if you dress like a detective, too.
Detectives dress kind of square.
People think "this guy is a cop"...
they're gonna think you're packing something.
They don't fuck with you so much.
Are you? Am I what?
Packing something.
Only an asshole gets killed for a car.
The guys that make it are the guys that get in their cars at any time.
Get in at 3:00 a. m., get up at 4:00.
That's why there ain't a repo man I know that don't take speed.
Speed, huh?

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