Dirty Harry (1971): The Doctor


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Lieutenant Bressler's office.
-Put him on. -What is it?
It's Park Emergency. They just treated a guy who had a knife wound in the leg.
Yeah, doctor? What'd this guy look like?
Long blond hair medium build, about 150 pounds. Pale complexion.
-He didn't give you his name, doc? -Nope.
They usually give a phony name.
But I've seen him someplace.
It's important you remember. There's a 14-year-old girl who's suffocating.
I'm trying to think!
It was....
I believe he works around here.
Doctor, could you give him something? He's in pain!
Yes, just a moment.
She'll be dead in an hour!
I'm trying to remember!
I've got who he is.
When they had football, he used to sell programs at the stadium.
I think the groundskeeper lets him live there.
-Live where? -There.
Kezar Stadium.

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