Dirty Harry (1971): Hospital Care


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The clip hospital care from Dirty Harry (1971) with Clint Eastwood, Marc Hertsens

It looks like we can save that leg.
I've got a couple under my knee.
Ever consider another line of work?
I really appreciate this, Steve.
We Potrero Hill boys have to stick together.
Nothing fancy, now.
Just a little tweezers and Mercurochrome.
Do I tell you how to beat a confession out of a prisoner?
-I haven't got all night. -You might experience discomfort.
But if you do, just have your wife fix a...
Sorry, Harry.
What will you do with those?
Cut your pants off.
-No. We'll pull them off. -It'll hurt.
For $29.50, let it hurt.
You can turn your back if you're embarrassed.

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