Dirty Harry (1971): Searching the Streets


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The clip searching the streets from Dirty Harry (1971) with Clint Eastwood

How could they let him get out without seeing him?
They were probably talking instead of looking, like they were supposed to.
That's possible.
-Attention, all units. -Turn that thing up louder.
Prowler last seen in the vicinity of Washington Square.
He is an adult male.
Caucasian. Repeat, adult male Caucasian.
When last seen, he was wearing tan chinos pale blue shirt, brown coat or sweater, dark gloves.
He had a tan suitcase which probably contains a 30-06 rifle. He's wanted....
Those loonies! They ought to throw a net over the whole bunch!
I know what you mean.
Tan suitcase.
I lost him.
There he goes, over there.
Does that bag look tan?
I don't know, I haven't even seen him yet.
Go to Filber and hang a left.
Look out for these people!
Get out of the way, hammerhead!
It was a tan suitcase. I know it was.
I saw him.
-There he is. -I see him.
Car 2, the license number at 10-32 on that Chevrolet, Colorado plates.
-How do you want to work this? -Find another way in. I'll go in here.
Car 2, what's the model of that Chevrolet?
Car 2. It's an lmpala convertible.

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