Dirty Harry (1971): Scorpio Hit Big


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The clip Scorpio hit big from Dirty Harry (1971) with John Vernon, Andrew Robinson. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

-It's the Mayor. -I got 7 kids from Park Street School.
I got the bus and....
Come on, honey, now back in the bus. That's a good girl.
I got the bus driver. Here she is.
Just tell him.
Not my fault, he had a gun--
Just your name!
This is Marcella Platt.
You can check if you want. But I don't see any point.
I'm not bullshitting.
It's simple. I got the kids. You start screwing around the kids start dying.
-The plane ready? -It's being fueled, and ready to go.
The money will be there by the time you get there.
Listen carefully. I will drive along nice and easy.
Just me and a busload of kids.
I'll turn off at Sir Drake Blvd., on my way to Santa Rosa Airport.
I don't want any police cars helicopters, whatever.
If you play this game by the rules, the kids will have a nice plane ride.
Where are you going?
I'll tell the pilot when I get on. No alerts.
I guarantee you, you will not be molested in any way.
I give you my word of honor.
Marcella Platt. It checks.
Willing to take the money to him?
When will you stop messing around with this guy? He has to be stopped now!
He's got a busload of kids and I can't take that chance.
I gave my word of honor and he will not be molested!
And that's a direct order!
You can just get yourself another delivery boy.

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