Sólo Mía (2001): Divorce Proceedings


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The clip divorce proceedings from Sólo mía (2001)

Sometimes but...
she was so small that...
How small?
Six or seven months... I don't remember.
How much does your husband earn?
Here's a copy of a payslip.
I'll need receipts
of his expenses... Trips, credit card balances...
I... You see...
I'd like...
I don't want it known that he mistreated me.
You don't want it known?
No. My daughter's very small and...
I don't want her to hate him.
And it might affect her if she found out.
That'll go against you.
I know.
You'll think I'm silly...
Though your decision shows sensitivity,
it's not very practical.
But I'll respect your wishes.
And... Well...
I don't...
...want him to see my daughter.
We can try,
but judges rarely deny parents the right to visits.
In this case...
Only in serious cases,
and this, I assure you, is not.
Your child has never been in danger from him.
Do you confirm
all the points?
We confirm
the provisional measures requested,
and present our case.

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