Sólo Mía (2001): Outburst at Work


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The clip outburst at work from Sólo mía (2001)

Put this away.
No, wait. Let's see.
I like it. It looks good on you. Sold.
No, don't bother...
I'll be bothered if you don't take it.
Take orders, you work for me now. Come on.
Come in.
What are you doing?
Trying to finish this.
I'm sick of it.
What you missed yesterday!
We went to a party. You should've seen the material.
What material?
Some incredible chicks.
Oh, that...
Pepe ended up with
a blonde. What melons!
And you?
Mine was
a redhead. She looked like that girl on T. V...
She's famous...
I don't watch much T.V.
It turned out they were pro's.
Seemed too good to be true.
You should have asked.
It's not that easy.
Anyway, we've made a date for tonight and I told them about you,
and they're going to bring a friend along.
A friend?
I'm not
sure if she was there, but she was fantastic.
And another thing...
If there's three of us, we get a special price.
That's good...
By the way, do I...
Do I look like a whore lover?
You heard. Do I look like a whore lover?
Yeah, fuck...
Don't involve me in your shit.
Don't be like that.
You're pigs.
You're all married but cheat on your wives.
Don't get so uptight.

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