Sólo Mía (2001): First Beating


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The clip first beating from Sólo mía (2001)

Who's that?
The babysitter probably...
We're going to a musical, remember?
What musical?
The one you and Alejandro wanted to see.
I don't care. I'm not interested.
Hi. I'm not going to need you.
I turned down another job...
Yes, but...
Wait a minute. I'll pay you anyway.
Have you gone mad?
For calling a babysitter?
We'll have to go.
I don't want to now.
Don't play the martyr. Tell her to come in.
Alright, but I'm not going.
Are you stupid or what?
Stop treating me like an idiot!
Then behave like a normal person.
I've read the letter...
What letter?
The university.
You opened my letter?
You can't be serious about it.
Here... Sorry.
That's okay.
Now listen to me, I'm serious...
It was for me.
You're not going to study anything. You don't have time.
Get used to the idea.
I'll do as I please!
I'll do...

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