Sólo Mía (2001): Rape and Revenge


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The clip rape and revenge from Sólo mía (2001)

You don't give up, do you?
Always in a hurry.
You're lovely.
Wait in the bedroom.
What a pair of hams...
Joaquin, wait a minute. Wait, wait, please, just a minute.
Why are you pushing me away?
I'm not. Don't be silly.
Don't you want to?
We hardly do it any more and you don't seem to care.
You could go forever without it.
I know I don't attract you sexually.
Why not?
Please, don't tonight... Okay?
Yes, tonight.
Tell me why you don't want me.
Stop it.
Why don't you want to make love to me?
I love you, I want you. Don't push me away.
Joaquin, please!
You're mine. Love me!
Let me go!
Where are they? Where are they?
I know they're here!
No, please...
Where are they?
Joaquin, no!
Joaquin, no!
Where are they?
Look what I'm going to do with your pills!
Look what I'm doing!
I'm good to you, I buy you a car,
and you humiliate me! Why do you treat me so badly?
I love you, darling.
I love you, Angela.
Why don't you love me?
No, leave me alone!
No, no, Joaquin, please!
Why don't you love me, Angela?
Stop, please!
Stop! Stop!
I love you, Angela. Love me back.

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