Sólo Mía (2001): Cup of Water


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The clip cup of water from Sólo mía (2001)

You're crazy... Sick...
Let me go. Come on. Let me go,
Angela! Let me go, please.
You're afraid.
Let me go. What are you playing at?
Punishing the naughty boy?
What will you do?
Burn me with a cigarette? Poke pins into me?
What do you want?
You're scared.
You are.
Stop it! You want to get your own back?
Call the police! Report me...
But untie me!
That's how I've felt so many times.
That whatever I did, nobody was going to help me.
You feel completely helpless,
and you don't know what to do.
I don't know...
what you hope to gain from this.
Me neither.
You're crazier than I thought. Out of your head.
You're afraid.
I'm thirsty. Bring me some water, it's hot.
Can I have some water...?

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