Sólo Mía (2001): Joaquin Ties Up Angela


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The clip joaquin ties up angela from Sólo mía (2001)

Come on, come on...
No! Let me go!
Come on.
It's your turn now.
It's not very nice, is it?
No! Please!
You come here,
and tell me a love story,
and split my head open. What shall I do?
It was true.
Everything I said
was true.
Call the solicitor and he'll tell you.
Why didn't you let me hold you?
I disgust you, don't I?
I repulse you and you can't come near.
What did you expect? Love, understanding, after
all you've done?
Why did you come?
Because I'm afraid!
For the baby's sake, and that you'll hurt her!
My own daughter?
I've never touched her! Not once!
In a moment of madness
I might use this on you or me, but never on Marta!
How did we come to this?
I was in love.
I wanted to be happy.
You don't hit those you love...
or insult them...
or humiliate them.

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