Wet Hot American Summer (2001): A 20-sided Dice is the Solution


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The clip A 20-sided dice is the Solution from Wet Hot American Summer (2001) with Cassidy Ladden, Kevin Thomas Conroy

I wish there was another way. Maybe we should just let them die.
No! My friend, Jimmy's, in there.
You have a friend?
I'm kidding.
Wait a minute.
Well, there might be a way that we could use our device...
to slightly change its direction, but...
no, it's impossible.
Why? What's the problem?
In order to do it, we would somehow have to be able...
to repeatedly generate random numbers between one and twenty...
in order to calibrate the deferential.
That would take some sort of super mainframe computer and we don't have one.
So all is lost.
No, it's not.
Any dungeon master worth his weight in geldings...
goes nowhere without his...
20-sided die.
I'd like to introduce us to the emcee for the evening.

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