Wet Hot American Summer (2001): Fondle My Sweaters


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The clip Fondle my Sweaters from Wet Hot American Summer (2001) with Christopher Meloni, A.D. Miles

You listen to me, Mr. Kickass.
Mr. Rubber Burner.
You wipe that hotshot grin off your face or I'll shoot it off you.
You got that? Now finish up them taters.
I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.
Come on. What?
Finish up the taters.
Then what did you say?
Then what did I say?
You said you were gonna go fondle your sweaters.
I... no, I didn't.
I said I'm gonna fondue with cheddar.
I was thinking about making fondue with cheddar cheese for dinner tonight.
No, Gene, that is not what you said.
It is what I said.
Fondue with cheddar.
Okay, fine.
Okay, see you later.
See ya.
I'm just gonna stop by my bunk for a real quick sec.
Maybe you should talk to him.
So rabbi Rothstein says, "sim, sim, sim, sim, ata..."

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