King Kong (2005): Talking to Jack in Ship's Hold


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The clip talking to jack in ship's hold from King kong (2005) with Adrien Brody

Compliments of the chef.
Oh, Christ. Oh, God.
Lamb's brains in walnut sauce.
You run those ropes up on deck like I told you?
Doing it now, Mr Hayes.
How about you return Mr Driscoll's pen first?
He don't mean no harm.
I'll keep him out of your way.
It's okay.
It's just that he likes it down here.
It's where I found him four years ago.
Stowed away in one of them back cages.
His arm was broken in two places.
He was wilder than half the animals in here.
Still won't tell me where he came from.
But it wasn't anyplace good.
You got to straighten up.
You don't want to be on this ship the rest of your life.

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