The Basketball Diaries (1995): Church Experience Part 2


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The clip Church experience Part 2 from The Basketball Diaries (1995)

You think you'll catch something from the bottle
you're not catch from a needle?
You mistake me for somebody who gives a shit.
Headquarters... home on and off
to every down-and-out junkie and wino
from 14th Street to the Bowery.
It's like a fucking all-star team.
Jimmy, the other day,
my mother's been ragging on me,
"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
"You've tried every other way. Go to church.
Put yourself in Christ's hands."
So I do it, man. I figure, give it a shot.
I dig Jesus.
So, I go, man. High mass... a choir and everything.
The first thing I see on the right, the side altar,
are those little candles in the red glass
that we used when it was windy in the park
to cook up.
And then, this altar boy, he's coming down the aisle
with this 6-foot candle.
I envision this huge spoon above it, man,
with, like, shopping bags full of dope inside of it.
And then the kicker comes, man.
The priest, he starts doing the thing with the incense.
You know, starts wafting out.
I'm in the back. It finally hits me.
"Where do I know this smell from, man?
My room, man."
It's the smell exactly
of really primo dope cooking up.
Exactly the same.
So what happened next?
At that point, I split.
I went home,
I went inside my closet,
I got my stash out of the inside pocket
of my sharkskin easter suit,
and I got stoned.
Ba bing...
ba bang.
I love a ritual.
Oh, Mary, if you can hear me...

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