The Basketball Diaries (1995): Jim Visits His Beast Friend in the Hospital


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The clip Jim visits his beast friend in the hospital from The Basketball Diaries (1995)

Oh. Nice. That from Bobo?
Ha ha ha!
That's his father's ring.
Hey, fellas. Any of you looking for a date?
Yeah. Me, sweetheart.
Little horsy ride in Central Park,
maybe candlelight dinner?
Why don't we skip right to dessert, huh, baby?
About $15?
Fifteen bucks? I'll give you a quarter. Let Pedro suck your tits.
You don't have to be rude.
Oh, I'm sorry.
How about you, handsome, huh?
You got $15... for a little head?
Diane, do I look like I need to pay for it?
you do.
If it's worth it.
Jimmy, I know you want some, honey.
$15. I'll do you so good you'll never forget it, baby.
Hey, hey!
That's a deal.
Bargain from there.
What do you say, guys? You want to do it? All four of us?
It's a deal.
All four of us.
Aw, shit. This is all I got, Diane.
Here, have a pretzel.
Get out of here.
Beat it.
Yeah, fuck you!
Fucking dopehead. You see what that shit does to you?
Wow. Speaking of dopeheads,
is that Pedro's mother over there slinging her wares again?
It is!
Hey, Peepee, where you going?
Why do you have to be such an asshole all the time, huh?
Why is the little shoe crying anyway?
His mother's a sneaker. His father's a loafer.
Somebody's got to be a heel.
Jim, where you going?
Hey, Jim!
Hey. Hey, man.

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