The Basketball Diaries (1995): The Boys Get Angry at Eachother


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The clip The boys get angry at eachother from The Basketball Diaries (1995)

How the hell would you know, Mickey?
Did you go and visit him?
Any of you guys go and visit him?
All right. Then shut the fuck up.
Hey, Jim. Look at my brother's girlfriend in the park.
She's sitting there, eating a sandwich.
Next thing you know, she's shot in the head.
She's dead. It's over.
What about little Teddy Rayhill?
Perfect example.
Remember that night he was up on the roof,
and he was doing poppers, having a great time, laughing his ass off
He started walking backwards...
Boom! He fell right off the goddamn roof.
It was meant to be, right?
Fuck that, you guys!
Bobby was the best fucking guy around, you know that?
What are you, a bunch of idiots?
You don't even understand, do you?
Jim, you all right?
Listen, maybe you should talk to one of the priests.
I don't know. Maybe... Maybe they can help you out.
Help me out?
I wouldn't ask one of those cocksuckers for directions.
You know what?
You guys need to lighten the fuck up, all right?

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