The Basketball Diaries (1995): Confession


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The clip confession from The Basketball Diaries (1995)

Father, is it all right if I don't go in today?
Why? What are you scared of?
Nothing. I just don't feel like it, that's all.
I imagine you have more to confess than anybody here.
Unburden yourself.
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
It's been about four months since my last confession.
Yes, my son?
Well, I don't know where to start, Father.
Have you taken the name of Jesus Christ in vain?
Yeah. Yeah, I have.
Have you disrespected your mother and father?
Have you stolen or cheated your fellow man?
Yeah, but I'm not proud of it.
Have you had impure thoughts
or engaged in impure deeds?
Oh, Father, you have no idea.
Is there something else that you want to tell me in your own words?
I've done all kinds of crazy shit.
Oh, excuse me, Father.
Fuck, I'm s...
Christ, I have a dirty mouth.
Look, I'm... I'm sorry about that.
Will you just go on?
10 Hail Marys,
five Our Fathers.
What do you mean?
And that's it?
That's my punishment?
You know something?
My friend Bobby, he was the best,
and he's dead.
This sucks! You know that? This really sucks.
It's not fair, Father.

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