The Basketball Diaries (1995): Boys Jump into the River


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The clip Boys jump into the river from The Basketball Diaries (1995)

My cousin in Jersey plays chickie,
which is two cars heading towards each other
at about 80 miles per hour.
First driver to swerve out of the way is, of course, chicken.
In Brooklyn,
they make you press a lit cigarette into your arm
and have it burn all the way down to the filter
without the slightest flinch.
Us, Manhattan boys,
we jump off cliffs into the Harlem River,
which is literally shitty, because half a million toilets flush into it every day.
Hey, y'all, I carried the clothes up,
but I ain't carrying them down.
Peepee, this is you...
all 33 pounds of you, gone with the wind.
Wow. That's a long way down.
Devil's toe is no big deal. We've all done it a million times.
I never done it.
You never did it?
Pedro, you never do nothing.
You know who was awesome on this rock?
Bobby. That kids would do back flips off this rock.
Hey, Mickey.
Don't talk about him like he's dead.
He's not dead.
There goes the circle line. Check it out.
Full moon!
Hey, yo!
Hey, circle this!
Hey, I'm going. Watch out, watch out...
I'm going to show you how to do it.
That was a good jump.
Oh, he's nuts.

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