Problem Child (1990): Junior at Birthday Party


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The clip junior at birthday party from Problem Child (1990)

I can't get it out of my head that Junior was responsible for the camping thing.
He was laughing his head off.
Just lock him in his room tonight.
It says that children often misbehave just to get attention
and we should resort to discipline only when other forms of positive reinforcement fail.
Up yours! Up yours!
Reinforce that.
Mrs Henderson, your home is lovely.
Call me Marion.
Marion, this is fabulous.
There's nothing more wonderful than children playing, hearing them laughing.
Excuse me.
Did you see Junior's outfit?
Isn't he precious?
Also, Big Ben means big business!
Junior, I got some buttons for the kids and some stickers for their bikes.
Do your grandfather a favour and pass them out among your friends.
What for?
What for?
For ten bucks, that's what's for.
Sure, Grandpa!
Kids, huh?
Put that down! That's mine! These are all my presents!
I was only looking at it.
You're gonna break it! Get away from it!
Who's that?
He can't play with us. He's got cooties.
He's not even a real kid. He's adopted.
All right, boys and girls, come on out. Time for the magic show.

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