Problem Child (1990): Camping at River


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The clip camping at river from Problem Child (1990) with John Ritter, Michael Oliver

Neat! Bears!
Don't worry, buddy, bears rarely attack unless provoked.
Let's keep our eyes peeled for camp site 32.
That's the one Roy reserved especially for us.
Nice spot your friend reserved especially for us, Mr Healy
This is nature, huh? The sky, the trees?
The toilets.
You're not gonna see the sunset over there. Come on over, watch on our river-bank.
I'd tell him to shove it, Mr Healy.
It's no big deal. More important, why don't you call me Dad? I'd really like that.
I want to go home and watch TV.
TV? What's TV compared to the... the call of the wild bobolink, and that spruce?
That's a pretty big bobolink.
Old MacDonald had a farm E
Hey, Little Ben.
Kids, the wienies are almost done!
I don't believe this.
Those are Roy's kids. They're sharing a brain. The one on the end has it today.
Little Ben. Come here, inside. Get in here, come on.
How does it feel, camping with your son?
Roy, it's great. It's a dream come true.
Forget the fact that you had to go to the kid emporium and buy one.
We can't all produce six perfect little angels like me and Harriet.
I only got one, but he's one in a million.
Gee, Roy.
It's gonna give the kids a scare, isn't it?
You got me.
Wait a minute. I got something else for you.
I can't wait to see their faces light up.

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