The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957): Ready to Fight


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The clip Ready to fight from The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) with Grant Williams

I still had my weapons. With these bits of metal I was a man again.
If I was to die, it would not be as a helpless insect
in thejaws of the spider monster.
A strange calm possessed me.
I thought more clearly than I had ever thought before,
as if my mind were bathed in a brilliant light.
I recognised that part of my illness was rooted in hunger,
and I remembered the food on the shelf. The cake threaded with spider web.
I no longer felt hatred for the spider.
Like myself, it struggled blindly for the means to live.
If I was to fight it, if I was to win the food,
then it must be now while strength remained,
while I was still of sufficient size to scale the wall.
It was not decision that drove me to the crate, but reflex,
as instinctive as the spider's.
My legs trembled. Not with fear, but weakness.
Yet somehow I felt within myself a new source of power.
A giant strength, urging me to the death struggle.

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