The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957): Carey's Getting Smaller Part 3


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The clip Carey's getting smaller Part 3 from The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

Then you know what's causing me to get smaller.
We think we do, Mr Carey. That's why I asked you here.
Now I want you to tell me something.
Have you ever been accidentally exposed to any kind of germ spray?
In particular, an insecticide, a great deal of it.
Has there ever been a time when you were so exposed?
Do you remember that day I told you about the truck?
Yes, about two months ago.
I was on my way to the store through an alley.
As I was walking a truck turned in. It was spraying trees.
Is that what's causing me to...
No, that was only the beginning.
You see, something happened to that insecticide after it was in your system.
Something fantastic and unprecedented.
Something which, in layman's terms,
so affected the insecticide that from a mildly virulent germ spray
it created deadly chemical reversal of the growth process.
Have you been exposed to any radioactivity in the past six months?
Oh, no, of course not. I don't come in contact with anything like that. I...
Scott, wait a minute. That day we were on the boat.
The boat?
Charlie's boat. Remember?
Well, yes, I remember.
The mist.
That mist!

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