The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957): Shrinking Again


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The clip Shrinking again from The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

I think it's just fine, Scott.
Do you really think so?
I'm not much of a writer. Just tryin' to tell what it's like.
You don't know what it's meant to me, meeting you.
Someone who understands.
But you're so much better now.
Thanks to you.
Aw, not to me. Yourself. You just stopped running, that's all.
All I know is I can wake up in the morning and want to live again.
Actually want to live.
It's a funny thing. Sometimes I begin to think it's the worid that's changed.
I'm the normal one
That sounds like a good thing.
Everybody out of step but you and me.
Come on, I'll buy you a drink. We can talk about another chapter.
What is it, Scott?
Two weeks ago I was taller than you. You said so yourself.
Yes, I remember, but...
Well can't you see?
I'm shorter now.
Oh, Scott.
It's starting again. It's starting.
It's starting again!

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