The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957): Carey's Getting Smaller


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The clip Carey's getting smaller from The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

Well, that's the last of them, Mr Carey.
This has been a long week, Dr Bramson.
I must have worn out your machine.
I needed two full sets of pictures spaced several days apart.
I had to compare them before I... Before I could be sure.
Sure of what, Doctor? What is it?
Relax, Doctor, you can't tell me anything I haven't imagined.
You are getting smaller.
I... I don't profess to understand it, Mr Carey.
There's no medical precedent for what's happening to you.
I simply know that you're getting smaller.
The X-rays prove it beyond any doubt.
But that's impossible.
That's what we've always believed, Mrs Carey.
I'm gonna send you to the California Medical Research Institute.
If there is an explanation for your phenomenon, why...
They'll find it.
Then began a series of intensive tests.
I drank a barium solution, and stood behind a fluoroscope screen.
They gave me radioactive iodine.

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