The Mummy (1932): How to Kill Ardath Bey


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The clip how to kill Ardath Bey from The Mummy (1932)

Medical science is helpless in a case like this.
Go to her, and don't be angry with me. I couldn't resist her.
Helen, you shouldn't have done this. They shouldn't have let you.
Just this once. Perhaps the last time.
But you're going to get well. Then I know I can make you love me.
I know I can make you happy.
I do love you, Frank. And I'm trying to prove it,
because I'd rather die than live and lose you.
But you're going to live. We're not going to lose each other.
So, my dear. You...
Don't scold me.
Just feminine vanity. I wanted to look my best again.
So you know more than I realised you knew.
What do you mean?
These impulses to go to him.
The pull is too strong to withstand and live.
I am so glad you understand.
Helen knows. She knows the moment she stops struggling,
he will give her back her strength to come to him.
But I don't want to lose my own mind and be someone else. Someone I hate.
My dear, while you were growing worse, we tried to find him and failed.
The next time the call comes, go to him.
Muller, what can we do now?
We can do no more. Ardath has beaten me.
The next time he draws her to him, we must follow her.
And then?
We will destroy him.

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