The Mummy (1932): Imhotep's Identity is Revealed


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The clip Imhotep's identity is revealed from The Mummy (1932) with David Manners

A gift?
A scroll.
Part of which was transcribed when it was first found.
Here is the transcription.
I cannot read the writing of a period so remote.
But you read "Anck-es-en-Amon" on that piece of pottery.
That was of the 18th dynasty.
These are pre-dynastic ideographs.
The scroll from which this was copied was stolen ten years ago,
together with the mummy of the high priest Imhotep.
Most interesting.
May I see that scroll, Sir Joseph?
We left it at the... museum.
I have something else to show you.
A photograph.
Why do you show all this to me?
Do you think it conceivable that the mummy was not stolen,
but given a semblance of life by the spell of the scroll.
That scroll is my property. I bought it from a dealer.
It is here in this house. I presume, in that room.
We had foreseen this.
The scroll is in safe hands.
It will be destroyed the minute it is known that harm has come to us.
You have studied our ancient arts, and you know that you cannot harm me.
You also know that you must return that scroll to me or die.
Now tell that weak fool to get that scroll, wherever it is,
and hand it to his Nubian servant.
The Nubian!
The ancient blood.
So you have made him your slave.
If I could get my hands on you, I'd break your dried flesh to pieces.

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