The Mummy (1932): Examination Mummy Part 2


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The clip examination mummy Part 2 from The Mummy (1932) with Edward Van Sloan

"High Priest of the Temple of the Sun at Karnak".
Poor old fella. Now, what could you have done to make 'em treat you like that?
An execution for treason, I suppose.
Sacrilege, more likely.
Look. Sacred spells which protect the soul in its journey to the underworld
have been chipped off the coffin.
So Imhotep was sentenced to death not only in this world, but in the next.
Maybe he got too gay with the vestal virgins in the temple.
Possibly. The priestesses of the Temple of Karnak were daughters of the Pharaoh.
They were the secret virgins of Isis.
Maybe the answer's in that box we found buried with him.

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