The Mummy (1932): Archaeologists Thank Ardath Bey


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The clip archaeologists thank Ardath Bey from The Mummy (1932)

Pardon me, sir. Our closing bell has rung.
I did not notice the time.
I am addressing Sir Joseph Whemple?
I am Ardath Bey.
Why, we have you to thank that we have this exhibit here at all.
The museum should be kept open all night in your honour.
Won't you come down to my office? I'm working here late.
Your pardon. I dislike to be touched.
An Eastern prejudice.
Won't you sit down?
You know my son?
Ardath Bey. Where did you disappear to when we opened the tomb?
I returned to Cairo.
But... but now I must not detain you.
But I must see you again. You must come to my house.
I regret I am too occupied to accept invitations.
He's a strange one.
You might have thanked him. He was responsible for finding the princess.
Yes. I rather wish he hadn't been.
It's a dirty trick, Cairo Museum keeping what we've found.
That was the contract. The British Museum works for science, not for loot.

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