Josh Kumra Feat. Maiday - Call Off The Search - Joshkumratv (Music Video)


Uploaded on December 06, 2011 by Muzu

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Josh Kumra is a thoughtful young singer songwriter with a guitar on his back and a long road ahead.

Hailing from Swindon, a town better known (to some) for exports such as Billie Piper and err, Melinda Messenger, Josh instead grew up listening to the music his father played - Hendrix, Dylan and Simone.

Picking up and teaching himself guitar at the age of three, Josh hasn't put it down since, playing at every bar and venue in his hometown and anywhere he could get to on twenty quids' worth of unleaded.

Eventually something told Josh to hit the road with his band, playing their inaugural London show at Camden's Monkey Chew's where they linked, and eventually inked, with a management team, soon signed a publishing deal with Levels / EMI and started writing the next chapter of his story.

Likened to a young Ray Lamontagne or Ben Harper, Josh is rapidly developing a name for himself as a gutsy and heartfelt young performer, though perhaps lacking in facial hair.

Currently Josh is featured on Wretch 32's single "Don't Go", is busy in the studio writing and recording, and trying to gig his way around the rest of the world.-Josh Kumra feat. Maiday - Call Off The Search

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