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You should dress for the job you want, not for the job you already have: If there's one outfit living this old business maxim to the max, it's Millenium. The Los Angeles-based group are making a big stride into the big time with the video for their first single, 'Showroom Ready'.

"Showroom Ready is about the immaculate lifestyle. It's how you choose to roll," says Millenium rapper Young Fit. True to his word, the band have produced a promo clip which bathes you in the dream-like sheen of silk, marble and crystal chandeliers - in short, the good life. Forget excess - forget face tattoos, gaudy grills, celebrity meltdowns and rehab. Millennium's vision is something more refined, purer - how to enjoy life. They say living well is the best revenge, and yet Millenium are nobody's foe. And in spite of the philandering, jet-setting and easy living celebrated by their promo video, they still end up, in its final minute, on stage as a band, performing to a flock of fans who are just waving their hands in the air and having fun. As vocalist K-King says, "Showroom Ready is one of those songs that just reaches out and slaps you in the face. It's entertaining, it's fun, it's pure Millennium."

Musically speaking, Millenium are also more down-to-earth than the competition. Rapper Young Fit, singer K-King and singer/composer Stryker are backed up by a live band: Monte McConnell (drums), Jiro Tanaka (bass) and Jasun Edelman (guitar/keys). Not for them the vacuum-packed sound of commercial R&B. The broad range of the individual band members' musical interests come into play in their collective songwriting; Jiro's skillful funk bassline is only the highlight of a fresh and tight musical package. And, bear in mind, 'Showroom Ready', is just the tip of a musical iceberg. Milennium's debut album, Game Changer, is set for release on May 1.

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