MusicDishTV Presents Go All In By LexRox - LexRox (Music Video)


Uploaded on June 25, 2012 by Muzu

In Pop artist LexRox's video "Go All In," LexRox takes down a challenger in a video filled with boxing scenes and plenty of excitement and good music. LexRox is letting the masses know that if you think got the stuff it takes to be a pop star in the music business, you have to put in some hard work along with your talent for it to pay off ! "Go All In" is a summer jam. It's fun watching LexRox at a house party taking on Thumb Wrestling, Rock paper scissors, and Nerf guns, and coming out a winner against the other guy, who is not a good loser. The edits cut to the music breaks tightly. LexRox gives a great vocal performance on this tune and even raps a little. The track is pumping with intense keyboards and bass, great for dancing or just listening to for fun. if you have young music fans, they'll love this cut. I'd like to see her on rotation with Disney, as this young talent certainly has the goods.

Music: Presents Go All In By LexRox

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