Star Bots-Episode One-Rocking Bob


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Rocking Robot Bob get's into deep trouble in this comedy sci-fi by Rybird. Anna and Bob are two robots assigned to protect the earth in this mini adventure. Some images are NASA public domain. All music by Rybird. Songs include Unit Velocity, Road to Mordor, and Adonis, plut additional scoring. Please visit for more great videos, music, blogs, news and gifts. Film Script is below:
Intro video
B: Everything seems ok, I want to take a break
Unit Velocity begins playing,
A: we are being attacked ! attack, Attack.
B: Settle down Anna, it's just a music video
A: Oh my God, I thought we were being attacked.
B: if we were being attacked you would know it.
A: I have never been attacked before.
B: Thats because no one would want to attack you.
A: That's not nice.
B:Nice isn't a requirement
A: well turn that off, you are supposed to be watching for invaders.
B: There hasnt' been any invaders since you invaded my territory.
Anna goes outside
B: What are you doing outside.
A: Getting Away from you.
B: Please come back inside now.
Ana comes back in
changes video to No Road to Mordor
B: Now is that Better?
A: That sounds demonic, where do you find that stuff?
B: rybird dot com.
A: I am turning it off.
B: you better not do that.
video goes blank
B: Hey, turn it back on!
Video comes back
B: Try this
Changes video to Adonis
A: Now that is better.
B: That is funny, it is the same artist.
A Well That is nice
A; who is it?
B: Rye Bird
A: Rye What?
B: Rye Bird
A: Sounds like a disease
A: I think its best you turn the monitor on and make sure everything is ok.
alarm sounds
B We are being attacked.
A: Fire defense Missile
B: Missed
together: Goodbye cruel world.
B: now I dont' have to pay my ticket
A: I hope we have plenty to eat
B: Chips
A: Damn
video ends.-Star Bots-Episode One-Rocking Bob

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