Equipe De France - S1bioz (Music Video)

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Uploaded on September 15, 2012 by Muzu

French, born in Algeria, Karim Beggar is a hip hop choreographer, inspired by all dance styles for his creations.

he has been trained by Momo, famous French break dance choreographer of Sans Pitié 91 and this collaboration will teach him a professional and technique rigor, and also amazing acrobatic performances.

At a early age, Karim is passionated by the Hip Hop world and he continues to make spectacular and innovative creations. In September 2008, the public discovers this choreographer in the famous parisian auditorium Le Réservoir.

He launches the company S1-bioz in 2001 which makes him known in the dance world. He starts a successful tour en 2009 for his hilarious creation ,Arc-en-ciel, and the same year he is the Hip Hop choreographer of the Urban Arts Academy.

Actually, he is working for different companies and create for them shows and he also works for french dance schools. - KassDED : La chaine du hip-hop ! Kiff tout le rap français ! Des exclus, des freestyles, des rencontres inédites, des live, des playlists, des sons introuvables et des tonnes de clips venant d'un peu partout. Que tu aimes les beats Back in The Day ou ceux d'aujourd'hui, tu seras servi ! Avec uniquement du son et des images haute qualité ! - KassDED : www.muzu.tv/kassded
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