Opening (Buenos Aires Concert) - The Rolling Stones (Music Video)


Uploaded on October 23, 2012 by Muzu

The Rolling Stones went directly from the Copacabana show in Rio to Buenos Aires, and arrived very early morning of the 19th, following a 3 hours flight. Mick stayed in Rio until today and arrived at 8:30pm. By then a large crowd of some 500 fans were waiting outside the hotel, singing, dancing, songs well known from previous tours. The great Argentina feeling is there still, like we had in 1995 and 1998. It took eight years for the Stones to return to Argentina. You might expect that the fans would be eight years older. Well some of them are, but those waiting outside the Stones hotel are of all ages and most of them were too young to experience the last concerts in 1998. The shows in Buenos Aires this week will be great indeed!-Opening (Buenos Aires Concert)

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