Do It Again - Archangel (Music Video)


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Archangel "Do It Again" - the new single coming out on 11th May from the debut album "How To Lose Your Best Friend".

Archangel LIVE - 26th March, Camden London, more info below!

Video directed by Henry Schofield and commissioned through Radar Music Videos.

Archangel headline Club Rif Raf @ The Proud Galleries, Camden, 26th March. For more info;
"Rif Raf likes to make discoveries: at eight, we discovered that swapping our prized AT-AT Walker for three Garbage Pail Kids stickers and a Cadburys Chomp did not make sound long-term business sense; at fifteen, that swigging half a litre of cheap vodka in a field will inexorably lead to puke-stained embarrassment and possible hospitalization rather than dance-floor canoodlings at the school disco; and at 23, that working in telesales really, really, sucks. This year, though, we made a more pleasant discovery: that the lineage of fantastic new wave, new romantic, soul-edged funk pop did not hit a bricked-up dead-end the day Bowie formed Tin Machine - thanks to the ludicrously talented Archangel. Channelling the neon spirits of Japan, ABC and Roxy Music, as well as influences as diverse as Motown, INXS and Arcade Fire Paul Lester at the Guardian describes it as excellent melodramatic pop, The Beat Surrender calls brainchild Nick Webber a twisted little genius and NME think its corking, angular art-punk - its a 21st Century take on the type of music people simply dont make anymore. Only weve found out that they do. Discover for yourself on the 26th"

For more info / licensing / syncs / live bookings contact It Again

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    Khatia Buniatishvili, Neeme Järvi Rachmaninov Klavierkonzert Nr 3

    Khatia Buniatishvili, Neeme Järvi Rachmaninov Klavierkonzert Nr 3

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