Acoustic Guitar For Beginners - Tablature (Tab) - Truefire (Music Video)


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Some of the ways written music can be represented: CHORDS AND LYRICS - Clean and simple, but without measures or other traditional elements of sheet music STANDARD MUSIC NOTATION - Classic system showing pitches and rhythms on a staff. This is the best and most accurate way to represent music on a page, but you don't have to learn music notation to be able to strum the guitar TABLATURE (TAB)- A graphic system for representing notes on the neck of a guitar. Digits on lines show which frets to use on each string. Tab does not show rhythms GUITAR/PIANO PARTS - For most strumming, you can ignore the piano parts (shown in standard notation) and just look for the chord names and/or chord blocs shown above the staff for guitar players FULL ARRANGEMENTS - Don't trouble yourself with parts written out for other instruments, such as bass, saxophone or drums. Just look for the chords shown for guitarists-Acoustic Guitar For Beginners - Tablature (Tab)

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