Acoustic Guitar For Beginners - Tablature (Tab) - Truefire (Music Video)


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Some of the ways written music can be represented: CHORDS AND LYRICS - Clean and simple, but without measures or other traditional elements of sheet music STANDARD MUSIC NOTATION - Classic system showing pitches and rhythms on a staff. This is the best and most accurate way to represent music on a page, but you don't have to learn music notation to be able to strum the guitar TABLATURE (TAB)- A graphic system for representing notes on the neck of a guitar. Digits on lines show which frets to use on each string. Tab does not show rhythms GUITAR/PIANO PARTS - For most strumming, you can ignore the piano parts (shown in standard notation) and just look for the chord names and/or chord blocs shown above the staff for guitar players FULL ARRANGEMENTS - Don't trouble yourself with parts written out for other instruments, such as bass, saxophone or drums. Just look for the chords shown for guitarists-Acoustic Guitar For Beginners - Tablature (Tab)

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    by Muzu (8/4/11) 13 views

    Official music video for the track Solo by Iyaz.

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    Pass Out

    Pass Out

    by Muzu (8/4/11) 30 views

    Official music video for the track Pass Out by Tinie Tempah. This is the debut track from the British rapper. The music video is focused around Tinie Tempah rapping and Labrinth, who sings the chorus, coming into the shot. Tim Bown, the director of the video, said in the behind-the-scenes video that they were trying to create graphical elements, including laser-cut props.

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