Quantum Rock - Ballad Rock Rhythm 2 - Truefire (Music Video)


Uploaded on August 22, 2011 by Muzu

This example is a little more elaborate than the first rhythm. Here we will take some of the chord shapes and really use them to the fullest. To start off I used some cool harmonics to cue the start. Then we move to the second chord G Major. Now you will notice that I bounce off of some of the other chord tones that are naturally existing in the key. Be sure to use the loop feature on some of these ideas and memorize them so that you can make them a part of your own playing. Most of what I am doing in this example is outlining chord shapes. Be sure to check out as much Hendrix as you can for these types of ideas. These ideas will help you to be a much better rhythm guitarist. I also talk about what tones I use in the chord shapes. A lot of what I am doing is using scale tones to embellish the existing chords. Really try and and learn your Eminor/Gmajor scale all over the fretboard. Once you learn to do this, you will be left wide open to express yourself and almost all of the notes in the scale will give you a different sound. I also talk about the use of hammer on and pull offs in the actual chord shapes, this provides a Doobie Brothers kind of sound. So you see using some of the different influences that we all have we can alter the sound of any rhythm. Take your time and more importantly have fun with the examples and try and write something cool of your own from it.-Quantum Rock - Ballad Rock Rhythm 2

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    by Muzu (8/4/11) 13 views

    Official music video for the track Solo by Iyaz.

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    Official music video for the track Pass Out by Tinie Tempah. This is the debut track from the British rapper. The music video is focused around Tinie Tempah rapping and Labrinth, who sings the chorus, coming into the shot. Tim Bown, the director of the video, said in the behind-the-scenes video that they were trying to create graphical elements, including laser-cut props.

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