'John Wayne' The Cold Bloods - The Cold Bloods (Music Video)


Uploaded on August 23, 2011 by Muzu

New John Wayne Video by The Cold Bloods
We made the pilgramge to....Hammersmith. We got a lift there too (thank you Laura), so it wasn't really a pilgrimage. We did make a video in Hammersmith for our track "John Wayne" though! "Poor Arthur Productions" wrote the idea and filmed it for us, and after getting up at 7am and not getting home til 8pm, we were pretty shot down and blue - literally. The video will be about 8 weeks before its finished, Greg has to do a few more shots before editing starts, then it will be posted up. Our photographer Andy C came along for the day and shot most of it, we'll be posting photos up this week sometime of the day. It was a great day and promises to be a wicked video! Greg smashed a guitar up, graham was drowned in blue paint and Rich got blue vomit all over him. All in all - a pretty fun day... ps - a few snaps from our Black Sheep gig are also up from the rather fabulous Snap Crackle Pop Photography (thank you Mark). Our last show until January! Enjoy!-'John Wayne' The Cold Bloods

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