DT-TV: Pete Tong At The Movies (Part 2) - Pete Tong (Music Video)


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Pete Tong needs no introduction as a DJ, and increasingly as a producer, thanks to his ongoing work with the likes of Dave Spoon and Paul Rogers. But then there’s the side to his career which isn’t so much in the public eye. What many people don’t know is that following on from his role as head of A&R at London Records and his own offshoot FFRR in the ‘80s and ‘90s, he’s been keenly pursuing a role in the music industry, orchestrating the soundtracks of films like Human Traffic, The Beach and most recently Harry Brown – for which he also composed original music.

His career in film started when he was working as an A&R at London Records, working on films like Letter To Brezhnev and The Tinmen, then later Shopping and Hollywood blockbuster Event Horizon. His best known work was coordinating the soundtracks for Danny Boyle’s The Beach and British clubbing classic Human Traffic – while most recently, he’s orchestrated the soundtrack fro Michael Caine flick Harry Brown, co-composing all the original music for the film.

Pete invited us to his South West London studio to talk about his history working with movies, Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack working with Danny Boyle, trying to work with Burial and Amy Winehouse, and how exactly you go about putting together a soundtrack.-DT-TV: Pete Tong At The Movies [Part 2]

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