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The honeymoon's not the same without you, but I'm remaining optimistic...

The Honeymoon - Tequila Mockingbird video - all music and video written, produced and edited by Wendy Clark. Excluding the silly voice-over at the beginning which was probably thought of my Rhett Haney and suspectfully narrated by Michael Mayhem, formally of Tequila Mockingbird (as well as Roarke Pulcino, Matt Conklin, Jerry Lentini, Ryan Smith, Chris Spencer, Chad Johnson, Big Head Todd's bassist, numerous subs and imposters, etc.) All rights reserved. Copyright Wendy Clark, , Outlaw Songs, Song by Tequila Mockingbird from independent release titled "Alien-American" 2004. Produced by Eric Shiveley and the band.

I wrote this song in a desperate attempt to use an extended metaphor that is quite relevant to whatever you have on your mind at the time. "The Honeymoon" may or may not symbolize "True Faith" (New Order, "Substance," 1987); this video has nothing to do with it anyway. Please check out the words and our sexy photographs Honeymoon - Tequila Mockingbird on Vimeo

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    Official music video for the track Solo by Iyaz.

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    Official music video for the track Pass Out by Tinie Tempah. This is the debut track from the British rapper. The music video is focused around Tinie Tempah rapping and Labrinth, who sings the chorus, coming into the shot. Tim Bown, the director of the video, said in the behind-the-scenes video that they were trying to create graphical elements, including laser-cut props.

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