Dial Satan (2002) - KILL ALLEN WRENCH (Music Video)


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Just in case you accidentally stumbled in here,
here’s what, punk rock supergroup… Kill Allen Wrench is all about:
heroin - methampetamines - pot smoking - needles - punk rock - poping pills - heavy metal - prostitution - beating our girlfriends, wives - exploitation of every groupie we can get our hands on - pornography - hidden cameras - public nudity - satanic worship and recruitment -drunk driving - superstardom - and last but not least … alcoholism…

In the beginning…

KILL ALLEN WRENCH started during the summer of 1998 with the following line up:

Allen Wrench - vocals
Dr. Heathen Scum - lead guitar
Mariachi Mysterioso - lead guitar
Junky John Wohlfeil - Drums
The prince of Punk /Mark Hernandez - bass

With little effort Mr. Wrench organized Dr. Heathen Scum, Mariachi Mysterisos, Junky John Wholfeil, and The Prince of Punk into what would be know as punk rock¹s most important band.

During one of many stays at a secret Beverly Hills lock down rehab facility. Front man, Allen Wrench, began writing the lyrics and music, for what would go on to become the Kill Allen Wrench debut CD… ŒMy Bitch Is A Junky¹. Mr. Wrench claimed he wrote the entire CD within 1/2 hour after having just broke into the institutions¹ pharmacy. Wrench recalled ³It was cool as fuck… I popped big ass hand full of pills and all this great music just started flying through my head. It was like I wasn¹t even writing. It was like someone was writing through me.²

www.facebook.com/pages/Kill-Allen-Wrench/182148178469543-Dial Satan (2002)

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