Misanthropy - Bang Bangs (Music Video)


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This is the last Crypt Sessions of the current batch and were signing off in style with one of our favourite bands.

Bang Bangs are the business. Sounding like Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Pixies wrestling naked in a David Lynch film, they tell fearless stories about lust and violence, flaming hearts and damnation. Their boy-girl melodies are as big as The Arcade Fires, their riffs are the very essence of animal and in singer Matt Smith, the band boasts the most natural front man weve seen in ages. Buzz Music Reviews claim that the London-based four-piece restores your faith in real music just about nails it.
Matt (vocals/guitar), Sarah (vocals/bass), Dave (lead guitar) and drummer Steve have almost finished recording their debut album here at The Crypt and trust us, its blinding. Still, the bands motto is Its all about live and having hammered the South East circuit for the past year you can see why. Bottle Bang Bangs passion and energy on stage and you could blow up hell itself. We can only suggest you strap yourself to their bus sharpish. Its going places.

Many thanks to Bang Bangs and all the other bands whove performed for The Crypt Sessions over the last few months. Its been a right royal treat. Thanks also to the cameramen and editors who make ours the best looking music video site on the planet. They deserve medals. Were off to unearth more killer bands for the next run of Sessions. Til then, thanks for watching and remember life is live, woah ohhhh oh oh ohhhh.
The Crypt Sessions-Misanthropy

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