Maybe Some Other Time - Ahab (Music Video)

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A.H.A.B. isn't your average band and not just because singer/guitarist Callum Adamson is the son of Big Countrys Stuart. A.H.A.Bs music truly sets the band apart a winning mix of great storytelling, heart and harmonies, effortlessly catchy tunes and a dark, indie edge that keeps things very interesting indeed.

Bursting with flavours of Gram Parsons, Neil Finn, Richard Thomson, Ryan Adams and Kurt Cobain, A.H.A.Bs eponymous debut album (co-written by Callum and singer Dave Burn) left the UKs Americana crowd drooling. The genres leading magazine, Maverick, called the record simply stunning, while Americana-Uk praised the bands combination of bucolic bliss and urban savvycharismatic charm and confidence - qualities (were sure youll agree) that shine through in their brilliant Crypt Session.

You can find out more about A.H.A.B on their myspace site:

or download some of the bands tracks for free at Some Other Time

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